Friday, November 9, 2012

Six-Day Practice.

I made notes yesterday, but I never got them posted. So. Two days at once!

November 8, 2012

I only got in about 45 minutes today - suryas and closing series. I got up late. So I mostly focused on working the breath aspect. I'm getting into the groove faster and faster as I move through suryas - my body is way more supple than it used to be. A year ago I never would have thought I could just haul my legs into Padmasana mostly cold, and not have it hurt. But that happened this morning. All things are possible. Speaking of Padmasana, in the first of the final three poses, I got the strangest sensation - kind of like the feeling you get from giggling hysterically, but bubbling out of my hips. I sat there and breathed through it and just let it come, but it was weird.
I'm teaching a lit class and found some quotes that reminded me of things I've been reading in the different yoga texts that Miyagi's been giving me.

"To understand how this came about, you must first understand the enormous single-mindedness, the innocence with which he approached any problem. He was not naive, he merely permitted himself no distractions. He wasn't brave; he merely had that singlemindedness and caution. ...It became apparent to them that he was not a madman totally, just mad enough to be holy."

"When will we solve this? [they] asked. When will we see [this place] as a paradise?
In the manner of a teacher answering a child who has asked the sum of two plus two [he] told them, 'From three to five hundred years.' 
A lesser fold might have howled in dismay. But they had learned patience...  It was a bit longer than they had anticipated, but they could all see that the day was coming. They tightened their sashes and went back to work." 

There's even yoga in Dune. 

November 9, 2012

I slept in today and went to the second class at ten. Practiced for an hour plus; got up through Garbha Pindasana to ..the one right after it, whose name I have forgotten. So much is happening in my hips. They're opening up, stretching, flattening almost -as if rolling outwards. So much feeling.
I'm sore through my hips - there's been a deep opening beginning, and Miyagi's helping it along ("Bad lady, no escaping!" *SQUISH*) - and the muscle we think is my piriformis is really hurting me tonight. RAWR. It's not sharp-pain, it's achy and grumbly and makes me want to never leave the tub. Rotten muscles.
I've switched almost exclusively to a vegetarian diet (which really means mostly all I've eaten is apples, peanut butter, nuts, broccoli, cheese, ice cream and pumpkin bread) and I'm having all sorts of weird cravings. Like, seriously, guys, I haven't had barley since I was eight. Why am I craving it like it's candy? And while I've never actively disliked rice I don't crave it. WTF?
Also, though less omnipresent, I'm craving dairy foods (the Hatha Yoga Pradipika says that this is a thing?).  And I'm having a hard time eating raw food without something to buffer it. Every time I drink soda I get ridiculous bubbly burps for half an hour, that's weird and new. Where my appetite is has changed, too. I'm starving in the morning after practice - I want to eat ALL THE THINGS. Around lunch the same sort of thing happens, and then I get somewhat munchy around 6, give or take. And then nothing (which is strange, because I'm used to eating at 10, 2, and 11 for breakfast, lunch, and dinner respectively. It's like five days of practice suddenly inverted my appetite and reset my sleeping schedule - I hit 7 at night and CRASH. I can sometimes nap and then manage til 12, but at 9 or 10 I'm wilting again. My body clock is far stronger and a great deal more regular.
Also: I don't know if this is yoga-related, but my senses of smell and taste are extremely keen this week.

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